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Snailbot is a funny robot snail that leaves traces of its passage...
Snailbot moves in a relative way like the Bluebot or the Beebot: it advances according to its orientation.
It can also move in an absolute way: the left arrow moves it to the left side of the screen.
English translation: Dorothée FOURNIER, English teacher at Sainte Marie College, Montpellier (France)

Beebot or Bluebot : games

Regarding the Beebot robot

I propose an online use of the Beebot or Bluebot robot. But what is this robot?

The 'Beebot' is a small programmable robot designed to introduce children to the world of programming and robotics. This friendly and entertaining little bee allows students to learn the basics of coding in a simple and intuitive way, especially for preschool-aged children.

The use of the Beebot is an educational workshop that usually takes place within a school or educational center setting. The teacher prepares the activities beforehand, relying on educational resources available on specialized educational websites. The preparation of the workshop is essential to guide students through their first programming experiences.

The educational Beebot robot is equipped with simple buttons to help children program the bee's movements. They can create a sequence of movements using the directional and action buttons. In this way, children learn the fundamentals of computer coding while playing, making learning more fun and engaging.

To start the activity, the teacher places an educational mat on the floor, called a "floor" mat. This mat features a grid on which the Beebot moves. Students can then program the little bee to move from one square to another, following a path defined by the teacher. The goal is to help children develop their logic and understanding of programming concepts.

The Beebot is an easy-to-use and code programmable robot. It is not necessary to have computer skills to use it, making the tool particularly suitable for young children. Moreover, the Beebot is rechargeable thanks to a dedicated station, which eliminates the need for batteries and makes its use more convenient in an educational environment.

In conclusion, the Beebot is a useful educational resource for introducing children to programming and robotics. With its friendly design and ease of use, it offers a playful and educational approach that allows students to discover and learn the basics of coding while having fun.